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Twitter: 1 month in.

My Twitter reflection: 1 month in.

This was my third Twitter attempt in 3 years. The first times didn’t even result in a tweet because I couldn’t see the point of it: why try to duplicate my personal Facebook page in frustratingly short sentences for strangers?

But now I get it. Now I have an expanding PLN of interesting, intelligent, energised educators. Now I participate in inter/national chats that challenge or reinforce my thoughts, expand my outlook and deepen my understanding. Now I have access to millions of resources, links and ideas, regardless what time of the day or night I decide to check in. And now I have a way to contribute my unique perspectives and useful links to people who may occasionally appreciate them.

Some things about Twitter are frustrating: the rapidity of some chats negates the potential to engage deeply; I never really know which #tags to offer my non-chat tweets to; I don’t like being distracted by tweets stating what people are eating for breakfast etc; and the 140 character limit is often too constrictive, although I understand the rationale for it outweighs the limitation. Just sometimes 141 characters would be great… or 142… or if everyone 写了中文 we could all fit a lot more in…

And that’s why I created a teacher Facebook page. I thought about WordPress, ScoopIt!, Pinterest etc, but I just don’t have the time/capacity to regularly toggle through more than 2 apps at the moment. Since I’m active on my personal Facebook page, this seemed the most convenient way for me to reflect and respond more deeply to my Twitter-trawling bounty. (For me also, fb has an aesthetically simpler/calmer design, and a faster, more flexible interface.)

And what I’ve started to sense, even though this page has only been going for a week or so, is that this is a constructive, creative space. What I post as simple ‘sparks’ of ideas, I can return to, or connect with other ‘sparks’ over time. The visual juxtaposition of such a range of pedagogy/psychology/content/inspiration/news/art/etc organically generates ideas. It’s some kind of public/personal multiply-dimensioned scrapbook, though I’m yet to determine the exact nature of some of the dimensions…

I’m able to ‘park’ my ideas in a more fluid, accessible and inspiring space, rather than my previous method of storing them in endless meandering folders on my desktop that I never return to. I haven’t created this page for ‘likes’ (which is why I’ve limited the external input options), though feel free to like this page/post, so I feel like I’m actually communicating this post with someone…

So that’s it. Thanks to all the Twitterers (or whatever the hip twitter-term is) who accompanied me at some point on my one month journey. I’m enjoying the Twittersphere (again, probably the wrong term), even if I needed more than 140 characters to express my gratitude. 谢谢