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Prac -28

Prac 28th last day: I’m feeling really privileged to be teaching each lesson to two classes of kids. It enables me to make adjustments and improve each time. I also teach a wider variety of kids, within two different class cultures, and get useful feedback from two teachers’ perspectives. The experience has really accelerated my learning – still lots to improve, but my lessons this afternoon were vastly better than my morning ones. Aim: get better quicker. I rewarded myself on my way home with one of these delicious licorice sticks.

Photo idea: positive education – I think this is so important, especially for Middle Years. Students take (or source) photos of things that make them happy – rewards they can give themselves or access easily – and present them in a mini-slideshow in a minute. Keep at hand and, over time, present them as fillers at the end of lessons or other ‘gaps’. Consistent reminders of different ways peers make themselves feel good/reward themselves. These licorice sticks would rank in my Top 5.