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Engaging with e-texts

“Electronic books, or e-books, provide readers with the opportunity to engage with texts in new and innovative ways. In this multisession lesson, students use computers or digital readers to read and respond to e-books. Students learn how to use e-book tools and features to support their reading processes. In particular, they insert digital notes into a book to record their thoughts and ideas in response to the text. Whole-class and small-group discussions about different types of responses encourage students to broaden their response repertoire. At the end of the lesson, students review their digital notes and fill out handouts that help them reflect on the value of the e-book reading experience and the subsequent response process.”


Digital Tools for PBL

“One of the greatest impacts of having 1:1 mobile devices in my classroom has been the opportunity to change the way I approached teaching and learning. I realized early on in this journey that I had the chance to give my students an incredible educational experience in the year they spent with me—and that even a single year could have far-reaching impacts on their future as learners.

As I began to form new ideas about how I wanted to teach, I realized that project-based learning (PBL) was one of the approaches I was interested in bringing into my classroom.”