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9 PBL resources

“This is a quick post to share with you this great resource shared by Bucket Institute of Education, a leading platform in the field of PBL. BIE have compiled a set of interesting materials for principals keen on promoting and advancing the PBL concept in their schools.”

Digital Tools for PBL

“One of the greatest impacts of having 1:1 mobile devices in my classroom has been the opportunity to change the way I approached teaching and learning. I realized early on in this journey that I had the chance to give my students an incredible educational experience in the year they spent with me—and that even a single year could have far-reaching impacts on their future as learners.

As I began to form new ideas about how I wanted to teach, I realized that project-based learning (PBL) was one of the approaches I was interested in bringing into my classroom.”

“Mayor for a Month” – PBL idea

Derived I guess from RNs interviews over the Christmas break.  Groups of students select a council somewhere in Australia, do the background work, interview the mayor and present their work.  Each month, a different council/mayor/group.

PBL film project

Wow! Optional school and they still turn up.

“Five years ago our annual Year 10 Film Festival was born. Adopting the principles of project-based learning, in small groups, over the course of a school week, students produce a short digital story. The content focus for the project is creativity, communication, collaboration, and independence. The aim is to provide a significant interdisciplinary culminating task to Year 10 and to develop students’ independence. The trust the school places in students for this week is significant and is an essential element of the week. The film festival has become a rite of passage between Year 10 and the senior years of school.”