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Prac -20

20th last day: Today’s realisation: rather than ask students questions, ask students to construct questions to ask other students to answer. The learning focus changes.

Photo idea: Incorporate current professional photographs into the classroom – this week I’m using these Wildlife Photography Award winners’ pics to improve poetry writing.

Prac -21

21st last day – juggling countless ideas. No time.

Photo idea: I give out “2 stars and a yoga cat stickers” to encourage students to ‘stretch’ themselves. Planning to scan them to make little jpg versions to attach to digitally submitted work.

Prac -22

22nd last day: it’s pure coincidence that the terrible NSW bushfires occurred on the day I guided my students to write bushfire poems. After analyzing Les Murray’s ‘Late Summer Fires’ poem, they wrote their own. In 10 minutes. I have 44 fantastic bushfire poems from 13 year olds who told me last week they couldn’t write poetry.

Photo idea: use photos to assist kids to write descriptive imagery. Simple, I know. But effective, whatever the subject. In this case they didn’t share ideas until they were finished – I think privacy triggered creativity and ownership of the text.

Prac -23

23rd last day: Today I asked some burning questions and came home with a clutch of descriptive, authentic bushfire poems. Ecstatic!

Photo idea: reflection. So important for learning (and teaching). Use a generic reflection picture (trees reflected in a river) or of people as a visual cue to students that it’s reflection time. Individual student reflection portraits for journal title page or reflective blog posts.

Prac -26

26th last day: teaching felt a little more natural today – I know the students better and feel more sure of my place in the classroom. I took this pic leaving school. Better differentiation is my main focus this week – learning is not black and white.

Photo idea: something shadow related. Shadow story. Shadow boxing. Sun something. Monochrome. Make alphabet letters to write messages…