Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013

So many ideas, relating to these winning images. I used them to inspire poetry with Year 7s.
993422_607754229266246_420882695_n 1000609_607754435932892_935170405_n 1377437_607754335932902_592697849_n 1378087_607754209266248_1469280127_n 1381259_607754149266254_474147931_n 1382419_607754302599572_853967410_n 1383966_607754309266238_1697146286_n 1385155_607754402599562_1603638293_n 1385430_607754342599568_710718188_n 1390491_607754285932907_994202454_n 1391816_607754242599578_600393155_n 1393096_607754169266252_1398060092_n 1395917_607754195932916_63129882_n


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